May 30 • 59M

How engineers could save the world

Loo talks to Professor Susan Krumdieck, co-founder of transition engineering, about her vision to reimagine our economic systems on the firm foundation of science and engineering.

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A science communicator on a mission to reveal the invisible economic forces that shape our lives and environment. Finding and connecting people across Aotearoa who want to change our economic system for the better.
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There's something really exciting about this interview with Professor Susan Krumdieck.

Susan is an engineer and co-founder of transition engineering, a new field which challenges and trains engineers to face the challenge of climate change.

There's something incredibly refreshing about the way she views the challenge of transitioning our society to a sustainable one. She zooms out to look at this point in history from an engineer's perspective - getting real about the situation we're in, looking at what we need to survive and asking - how do we do it?

Susan believes that engineers can steer this planet-ship into safe waters.

We can build new economic models from a foundation of solid science and creative engineering.

I think her optimism comes from the fact that we're smart and we know how to solve problems - we just need to lift our sights up and get creative together. The next stage of human evolution beckons! And it involves looking into the future and caring about the safety of future generations just as much as our own.

Susan's vision is to get 20% of the world's engineers signed up to transition engineering - so help spread the word to your engineer friends.

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